Baking is fun and calculating recipe is boring! 

I have created a unique baker's calculator to make life easier, so now you can focus more on creative baking ideas than getting bored with baking math.

An easy to use simple calculator does all the calculation for you. You simply have to enter the ingredient name and the measurement of your batch with the cost of raw material and thats it, your calculator does all the work. It gives you Per Piece Cost; Per Kg Cost; gives you Yield, Per Piece Weight, and many other information for you to make informed decision right at that moment.  Save time and make right decisions. What else save your calculation for future reference.

With SmartBaker Recipe Calculator you always focus on baking and creativity, after all you started baking to enjoy yourself, isn't it?

And that is why SmartBaker Calcoo is offered for just US $7.99 only.


                                                                                                                       SmartBaker Calcoo Snapshort

SmartBaker Calcoo

1) Number of batch, portion size to increase formula
2) Raw material column
3) Quantity
1000gm  = 1 Kilogram
100gm     = 0.1 Kilogram
10gm        = 0.01 Kilogram
1gm           = 0.001 Kilogram
4) Cost of Raw materials


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